The Interceptor - Knowledge Base

Unless stated otherwise, the information in this Knowledge Base is for Royal Enfield Interceptor only. Some information could of course be applicable to other models.

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           Buying, Owning and Selling an Interceptor
           General Mechanical Tips And Tools
           Petrol Tank
           Exhaust System
           Frame-and chassis parts
           Dan's MC Mechanical Tips web site
           Royal Enfield / Indian Identification Charts
           Development of Royal Enfield Interceptor Motorcycles

History Research

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    Buying, Owning and Selling an Interceptor

           The Price you can expect today
           Import, Customs, Insurance
           Riding and handling an Interceptor
           Fuel, Oil, Lubrication and Wear parts(chain, tyres, etc)
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    General Mechanical Tips And Tools

           Nuts and Bolts
           Setting up The Motorcycle Workshop (Bob Cram)
           Tappet Block Extractor Slide Hammer and extractor Drift (R. Fisher)
           Fibreglass Toolbox (George Campbell)
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    Petrol tank

           Gas Tank U.K. Model
           Gas Tank U.S. Model and Tank General
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           General comments about improving Engine performance
           Primary Belt Drive Conversion
           Clutch Adjustment Advice
           Clutch Re-Build Information
           Bonding the cork segments
           Clutch and Gearbox Assembly notes
           Gearbox Neutral Finder notes
           Cut the clutch rod in 2-3 places!
           Torque Values
           Oil pressure Problem with Cylinder Head
           Failing Oil Seal- crashes engine - MK II only
           Pistons, Cylinders, Crankshaft and Crankcases
           Cylinder Head
           Enginge Breathing tips
           RE Series II Camshaft specifications

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           K & N Air filters
           Carburettor Synchronisation
           Vacuum Gauges
           Amal concentric float levels
           Converting Amal Concentric on the Interceptor
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    Electrical Systems

           Charging System-Alternator Output
           Ignition Switch Wiring
           Ignition Technical Operations, Coil, Condenser etc.
           Horn / Dipper
           Converting from positive to negative ground?
           Boyer Bransden Ignition with a "negative" ground
           Boyer Digital
           Interceptor Magnetos
           LED light for stop light

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    Exhaust System

           Exhaust Pipes
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    Frame and Chassis parts

           Handle Bars
           Main Frame Components
           Series II fork stanchions
           Alternative (non orig.)Front Fork
           Front Fork Replacement options
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