Lake Tekapo First Day - 26 Jan 2008

New Zealand Jan-Feb 2008

New Zealand is about 3.5 hrs by air, east from Brisbane in Australia. After many years talking about it, we got our act and planning together and went on the 25 Jan 2008. It was a strange feeling after a long flight to find your bike and trailer already there. This is our story about a very special adventure, when we traveled around all of New Zealand during 28 days. It was a total of 8915 kilometers, often on very winding roads, always on beautiful winding touring roads.

We gave most of city life a miss. You can cover Urban delights on a cheap charter trip some other time. When you ride, like when you sail, it's the journey that counts, not the daily destinations. Like an Eagle we cruised along the coast and alpine passes across the islands. The photos are optimised for computer displays and fast downloads.
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