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Dust Cover for legends and a Racer tank  | Tue 23/11/2004 11:21 PM]

Just to let you and all those Interceptor people know about a couple of new items we now have available:-

LU31688 rear brake stop switch type 6SA £24 + VAT (if appicable)

Please find attached photo (click and maximise) of motorcycle dust cover. The one pictured is for Royal Enfield Interceptor, we also have these available for BSA, Triumph, Norton and all other models.

These are £35 plus VAT.

Also attached is a photo (click and maximise) of Royal Enfield GP 5 250cc racer tank and seat unit complete with monza cap £395 + VAT, which we have just had remanufactured.

For more details please contact Burton Bike Bits 01530 564362.

Burton Bike Bits
P O Box 7691
Ashby de la Zouch
LE65 2yZ
Fax: 01530 563246 - Email: user@bbbbot.fsnet.co.uk

Burton Bike Bits have moved  | Fri 9/07/2004 9:25 PM]

Please note that Burton Bike Bits have moved premises, please direct any correspondance to the following address:

PO Box 7691
Ashby de la Zouch
Le65 2YZ

Telephone number: 01530 564362
Fax number: 01530 563246
Email: user@bbbbot.fsnet.co.uk

We now operate a mail order only service.


Royal Enfield Interceptor MK2 fork stanchions  | Mon 17 June 2004 2:34 am]

We now have back in stock Royal Enfield Interceptor MK2 fork stanchions 49802 £60 pair, we also have these available hard chrome 49802C £72 pair.

We still have Genuine MK2 workshop manuals and sales pamphlets available. also genuine MKIA parts books and sales pamplets.

Burton Bike Bits

1967 Series 1A TT & GP parts book online  | Sat Sep 20, 2003 1:09 am]

In case you are interested, I received this from Hitchcocks Motorcycles. While I believe that this site should not be a continuing commercial for sellers of parts, I also think we should give credit to those with continuing efforts to help us find Interceptor parts by putting Interceptor parts books online. The

This is the 2nd of Hitchcocks online parts books. It is now up and running on the web site. This is for the 1967 Series 1A and covers the TT and GP model. Take a look in the "Parts Books Online" section.

See Hitchcock Link.

Mudguards For the RE 700cc VAX Interceptor  | Friday 5 September at 10:09 PM]

Mudguards as the RE 700cc VAX Interceptor.
45756 chrome rear mudguard (VAX 700cc/Fury) £80
Also rear mudguard carrier - VAX 700cc) £85.00
43633 chrome front mudguard ( VAX 700cc/Fury/MK1 Int) £68.00

Go -- Burton Bike Bits


We now have back in stock the Interceptor MK2 chrome front mudguards with bridge piece 49711, also rear mudguards back in stock to suit MK1A and MKII

We have in progress rear mudguards for the RE Fury
Go -- Burton Bike Bits

Phone Number for Sam Avellino  | Saturday 29 March at 2:12 PM ]

Motorcycle Sales & Service, Inc.
Revere, MA 02151
Sam can usually supply new or used parts

CHROME REAR MUDGUARDS(INTERCEPTOR)  | [Friday 14 February at 03:23:18 ]

We now have back in stock the 49584 chrome rear mudguards (beaded edge) for MK1A and MK2 Interceptor.

Go -- Burton Bike Bits

ALLOY BARRELS (INTERCEPTOR)  | [Sunday 12 January at 02:34:11 ]

We now have the alloy barrels in stock for the 736cc Interceptors. These are a one piece alloy barrel (both cylinders cast as one barrel).

They are a great improvement over the originals as they hold the crankcases more rigidly, helping to prevent the chaffing of the crankcase mouth which was a common problem with the originals. Part Number: 46129A, Price: 395.00 Pounds (Plus VAT if applicable).
See Hitchcock Link.

Aluminium alloy-cylinders for the Interceptors  | [Monday 11 Nov 2002 at 11:40:12 ]

  • (From our "Hello" feedback page -- Volker)

    I´ve just had some Internet-contact with "www.stroehle.de" the firm which will produce those Aluminium alloy-cylinders for the Interceptors. They believe that they can offer them from January next year on. The price isn´t calculated yet.
    Best regards
    Volker from Germany.
  • (From our "Hello" feedback page --- Klaus )

    It´s right, there is a German Company ( it´s a good friend ) producing Interceptor cylinders.
    I´ve got them - but the mine are the prototyp - made from a special aluminum material - CNC mashined and nicasil coated.
    With the original bore - 736 ccm.
    Friends and me visited the last Manx classic races in Aug./Sept. 2002.
    I drove my Interceptor - now with 4500 km more on the clock.
    No problems with the cylinders.
    The bike has not be ridden very fast with the crowd - between 55-75 mph.
    But sometimes I tested the higher pace - the clock shows me the 105 mph and I felt there was a little bit more.
    And no vibrations that´s very important.
    The engine is mostly original but the oilsystem is a little bit improved.
    I did some improvements more with the electricalsystem and ignition.
    The bike is very reliable and starts with two or three kicks.
    For more information or pics give me some lines per email.
    You get Cylinders with less wight, nicasil coated with a better termical condition, no material mix like the old ones.
    I´ve got one for test and I can only say after many miles without trouble, it works great. I rebuilded the cylinder several times for inspection - result - nothing to see - no scratches - nothing.
    And the oil keeps clean - no rub down from material and the usual graphite derivates.
    Regards Klaus
  • (See http://www.stroehle.de/pages/e_stroehle.html under engine casting) See photo Klaus Bike

BURTONS SPARES UPDATE  | [Thursday 26 Sept 2002 at 18:23:52 ]

  • Dear Royal
  • We have new to our range now:-

    Royal Enfield rear mudguard carrier/seat frame part numbers 42274, 45660, 42270, 46079 £80 each cover most models 350-750cc, this is in addition to the MKIA/MKII type which we already have.

    Back in stock English made valve guides 42660 std and o/s and 25524

    Did I mention the MKII Crankcases are now available.

    Carolyne - Burton Bike Bits

Hitchcock SPARES UPDATE and about Mufflers | [Thursday 12 Sep 2002 22:27:23 ]

I have just had the first of a Batch of alloy Interceptor barrels. These are one a piece barrel, but there is no reason why they could not be split in to 2, if someone wanted to retain separate barrels. Price has not been finalised yet as I am waiting for all the bills to come in for the machining.

About Mufflers, just a comment from Allan:

I have seen 2 or 3 different variations of silencers fitted to the SII's of which I believe are genuine parts. We have been selling the same style of silencer for approximately 7 or 8 years and have sold over 200
pairs with out any problems.

I have just fitted a set of pipes and silencers with no problems. The indent at the rear is for clearance for the lower shock fixing. It does not have anything to do with the axel. i.e. With the upswept US pipes the indent is for clearance for the lower rear shock mount. Please note that these upswept pipe were fitted with a spacer washer which is often missing from restored bikes. If this is missed out it will leave the silencers too close to the lower shock mounting.       Regards, Allan Hitchcock Motorcycles

GERMAN CYLINDERS| [Thursday 12 Sep 2002 22:27:23 ]

Guys in case you haven't noticed there is a German Company making Interceptor cylinders. Could be worth checking out!

Regards, Royal

 | [Friday 12 Jul 2002 at 13:43:54 ]

  • FOR SALE:Interceptor Cranc cases, etc.
  • Location:BURTONS
  • Description:
    For Sale:
    We now have the Royal Enfield MK11 crankcases available (bare) 650 pair. Also back instock 49584 chrome rear mudguard MK1A/MK11 75. 49551 rear mudguard carrier/seat frame 85.

    In progress MK1 rear mudgard/seat carrier.
    Please contact us direct with questions.