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Yes thats the Sydney Operahouse in the background and the Australian bought RE, -69, 750, Interceptor II   Kevi Lemire's Interceptor Series I, 1965. Great photos   Jim Carr's Interceptor Series I, 1965. Great photo  
A Legend Engine for a Legend American Indian Bike   Kickan in 1981, on the Royal she's now (2001) renovating  Click to Read the Story of this Bike A touch of German perfection, alloy Cylinders An impressive Special TT Interceptor MK1, photo originals on request
 A double Interceptor Application - The most powerful Interceptor  65 mk1 interceptor exhibited in  florida  This is a good example with the U.K Large Gas Tank    gREgg with his brand new, almost, 1968 Mark I    Chris Overton Leather Jacket Patch   A Royal Badge from one of the swap meets The Cannon  Badge   Another Jacket Badge