Friends in the Royal Enfield Interceptors Group

Royal Enfield Interceptor 750 (69 and 70) Videos !

The Good
. Mike's 1970 Series II was very stock standard and felt just like my -70 from many years back (now in a box). Didn't think I'd notice a difference compared to my road-registered -69, Olof, but I did, feel,sound, just different, just like my 70.-- Bury St Edmond (UK).

The Bad
as in evil and fast. Ole's 1969 Series II, prompted an immediate question, "what have you done to it ?". It was like an (already fast) Interceptor with turbo. Ole showed me all the nice tuning modifications only a skillful and enthusiastic engineer can come up with and implement. Fast Bike. -- Virum Copenhagen (Denmark).

The Ugly
, as in carefree and bohemic. Nils Interceptor -70 has been leaning against a rock wall in a carport not started for several years and sprang to life on the second kick (after some precautionary measures) showing a surprising vigour. Fun to ride. --- La Bez (France)